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Advertising on Pinterest

This week JD Prater (@jdprater) hosts PPCChat in place of Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro) with a great question set titled “Advertising On Pinterest.” The following is the transcribed Streamcap from the live chat:

Q1: Have you run Pinterest Promoted Pins? If so, what are your thoughts on its performance?

  • I’ve ran promoted pins and I think we’ve got a great strategy in place. Performance has been good relative to our goals! It’s great for promoting content and purchases for B2C e-comm. – Brooke Townsend (@btownsend13)
  • I have used it, seems like it is for brand promotion. lots of imp. but no con. might not be where i need to advertise. – David Cox (@dcoxdesigns)
  • Only have used Pinterest on a client that sells “arts and crafts” type product. Working well so far! – Joe Martinez (@MilwaukeePPC)

Q2: Will Pinterest play into your advertising strategy in 2017? Why or why not?

  • Always an option, but the client has to be a good fit. Not going to force it where it doesn’t make sense. – Joe Martinez
    • I think that makes sense and is always good advice for any channel. – JD Prater
  • Definitely. Now that we’ve tested what works/doesn’t work, it’s now part of our normal strategy. – Brooke Townsend
  • The addition of more video features helps at least test some brand awareness campaigns. – Joe Martinez
  • Pinterest will be a small part of our 2017 plans. I can see dropping it soon. Need to see payoff from 2016. – David Cox

Q3: What is Pinterest’s role in acquiring new leads/customers?

  • Helps make users fall in love and relate with your brand. This is where high quality images, videos and content are essential. – Joe Martinez
  • From Pinterest’s perspective, they need to consistently expand their targeting options and make sure they’re relevant. From brand perspective, this is where you get in their face. Branding is key early on for future purchases. – Brooke Townsend

Q4: What recent Pinterest updates are you most excited about? Why?

  • Their most recent video “auto-play” feature is nice (haven’t used it yet). Intrigued to see difference in engagement. – Joe Martinez
  • The video options features, but we don’t do video, so my excitement is irrelevant right now. – Brooke Townsend
  • I’ve been loving all the retargeting features and ad sequencing features they rolled out. – JD Prater
    • I don’t think I really thought of it until you said that, but it REALLY is diff than other social in that regard. Huh. – Kirk Williams (@PPCKirk)

Q5: What features would you like to see in Pinterest that aren’t already available?

  • I would love to see an agency account to manager various client accounts. – JD Prater
  • Something that shows they embrace the B2B space and not just B2C. – Terry Porter (@TPorter2)
  • I think a newsletter signup ad format would work on Pinterest. Not too aggressive with the selling. – Joe Martinez
  • I’d love for them to adopt some of the lead gen ad-types FB has made. That would be great for B2B. One-Click form fills etc. – Tim Halloran (@timmhalloran)

Q6: How do you think B2B companies could use Pinterest Ads?

  • It really depends on the B2B company, but I could see value in promoting content pins. – JD Prater
  • Very few B2B applications that I’ve seen. Need to have a visual product & active Pinterest presence; most B2B has neither. – Melissa Mackey (@Mel66)
  • I have a fitness equip client who wants to sell to gym owners. Use Pinterest to appeal to users who will demand gyms have it. – Joe Martinez

Q7: What observations (positive or negative) do you have about Pinterest ads? Why?

  • Positive is my wife actually understands what I do for a living for a change when Pinterest is involved. – Joe Martinez
  • Good for brand awareness, not always a good choice for B2B. I use Pinterest to unwind not look for products to research or buy. – David Cox
    • We have seen that Pinners are ready buy if you’re doing it right. Plus, remarketing is killing it for us. – JD Prater
  • I think Pinterest makes an effort with promoted pins so I don’t mind them as much as some other site’s promoted content. – Terry Porter
  • Negative: Last time I used Pinterest Ads felt underdeveloped, consumer-focused, lacked depth. This #ppcchat has helped me reconsider it. – Tim Halloran

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