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How to Create Google plus Local Business Page as Company Page


Google business listing page has convert in Google plus page. If you are interested to create business page or company page in Google, You need to create Google plus page. How to create Company page for local business? There are two way to create Company page.

  1. Directly create by Google plus profile
  2. Login in Google business listing dashboard

You need to create Company or business page from Google Plus. First of all create Google plus profile.

  1. Login in Google plus profile
  2. Click on “Home” button : Top left side in dashboard
  3. Click on “Page” button: bottom in dropdown
  4. Click on “Get Your Page” button: Top right side in Dashboard in Blue color
  5. Choose your business Type: There are three Business typeCreate Google plus Local Business Page
    1. Storefront: this is basically type of store product such as restaurant, Retails store, hotels, shopping mall, shopping center, retail shops and etc.
    2. Service Area: this is very important part of local business listing that is services. What are your providing services such as pizza delivery, taxi services, web designing services, internet marketing service and many more? Basically this category is very powerful for local business listing. If you want to get local lead from your business you need to select this category. Service provider companies are also selecting this category to improve the search traffic as well as local leads.
    3. Brand: This is best category to define the brand of any product such as car, music, website, company and any product.
  6. If you want to create page related to storefront.
    1. Click on Storefront option
    2. Type your business name and location and click search button which is listed in left justsearch box.Create Google plus Local Business Page
    3. Business will display below related to your business name. you can select your business orNone of these match button
    4. Provide the all details which are required to build business page such as Business name with proper address.Create Google plus Local Business Page
    5. Click on continue and verify your address by postal latter. Google has been send pin in your address.
    6. If you received pin. Login Google business listing dashboard and insert the pin in your related page.
  7. If you want to create service area
    1. Click on service area tab
    2. Follow point 6 b, 6c, 6e and 6f
  8. If you want to create brand pageCreate Google plus Local Business Page
    1. Click on brand option
    2. Fill forum such as insert page name, website and type and check term and condition and click create page button.

I have listed proper point how to create Google plus business page for your company, product and services.

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  1. thank you for sharing the information. It helps me alot to do local listingfor my project!

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