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How to earn $100 in a month from YouTube

YouTube is a very popular video sharing site in the world. YouTube offer monetizes your video. This is the biggest advantage of Video submission to earn money online via submit a video in YouTube. There is one question arise how to earn $100 in a month via YouTube videos. How much video view can need for $100.

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RPM is revenue per 1000 impressions; this is basic things of YouTube video revenue. There are various ways to earn $100 in a month via YouTube video. You should publish high quality video in a bulk. According to my opinion, you should publish 1000 videos to earn $100 in a month. YouTube revenue depends on the video quality and location as well as views. RPM is $1.36 to $4.5 per 1000 views.

Techniques to earn $100 in month

  1. More than 1000 video publish in your YouTube channel
  2. More than 10000 subscriber in your YouTube Channel
  3. Video should be high quality with more searchable
  4. Audio sound should be
  5. You should be share on your social media profile
  6. Fresh and attractive Title with Description

You can calculate your YouTube revenue from YouTube Revenue Calculator. This calculator will help to justify your estimated earning money better for your work. According to a new, 65% users are earning more than $100 in a month. This is the official news about Google. YouTube is a big Video sharing site in the world. You can also improve the ranking in Google search engine via off page techniques. You need to publish the YouTube channel name on your Article submission sites, Press release submission sites, web 2.0 submission sites, Guest Blogging sites and Forums submission sites.

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