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Killer Tips By Experts For Increasing Blog Traffic Fast

How to increase blog traffic? This is the most common question asked by bloggers. Despite working so hard to create mind blowing content for their blog they are not getting the traffic which they want.  In order to increase my own traffic and help other bloggers last month I asked some of the biggest and well known Professional Bloggers  to share their tips for increasing blog traffic.I got some great responses.

I hope after reading this  comprehensive post on “How To Increase Blog Traffic” you will get some great insights and very useful traffic tips which you can implement  on your blog. So Lets begin it !!

To increase traffic for a blog, I prefer two streams – SEO & Social Media. I’ll focus on these two and think later about the rest.

Professional Bloggers Tips For Increasing Blog Traffic :

1.Pradeep Kumar :  He is the Founder of Slashsquare Blog Network and is a young entrepreneur,internet marketer and is a well-known face in blogosphere.

1.SEO,- If you are playing it well, you could generate permanent awesome traffic for your blog. Think about this, your blog post in top 10 search results for “iPhone tips”, think about the traffic it generates? SEO is not difficult and confusing, but more like a monkey, it jumps from one tree to another before you can even take a photograph of it. If we are talking about SEO, then obviously it circles around Google, so you must be updated with their updates and follow Matt Cutts on Twitter. I prefer Yoast SEO WordPress plugin and their checklist option is worthy.

2. Social Media –Social Media may not give you permanent traffic but it gives you instant awesome traffic. A single retweet of your tweet by a popular celebrity could crash your blog, thrice. Find the right time your audience are searching for updates, then promote your blog posts during that time. Interact with target audience and reply back with informative stuffs. You can also experiment with Facebook Ads starting from 200rs or more. SEO & Social Media are the pills for a Healthy Blog.

2.Ammar Ali : Ammar is a professional blogger,online marketer  and proud founder of ALL Blogging Tips which is one of the biggest blogging website in the world.

  • Build Network: The first step to building a successful blog is by networking. Create a list of blogs with good social media presence and audience related to your niche. Start following them, read their post, share them, leave a comment. I’m sure they’ll likely to share your blog posts and in this way you’ll be getting more traffic.
  • Blog Commenting:  The trick is to follow the top blogs regularly and be the first one to leave comment on their post.  Write long and to the point comment. In this way you’ll be getting traffic as well as backlinks.
  • Guest Posting:  Guest Posting is not dead. It’ still one of the best way to gain readers to your blog very easily. Make sure to choose blogs which have good targeted audience related to your niche. Write short but attractive bio and include a link to your blog.
  • Contest and Giveaways: This is a little known technique and few bloggers use it. Organize Contests and Giveaways on your blog regularly. It can help your blog go viral around. Try to hold contests and giveaways of various products frequently or at least monthly basis.
  • Produce Content Worth Sharing: Write unique  content which is rarely found anywhere. Use attractive headlines in this way you’ll be getting more traffic and some backlinks too.
  • Proper SEO: SEO is very important, spend some time learning it. Start implementing it on your blog. Build ONLY quality backlinks from high PR sites to boost your position in search engine.Don’t forget regular posting, forum posting, social media, fast loading site and social bookmarking site can also dramatically increase your website traffic.

3.Reginald Chan :  Reginald is running his self named website, ReginaldChan.net. He is passionate about Social Media,SEO,Blogging and Content Writing.

One of the most common questions asked by many bloggers is often “How to increase blog traffic”. Now, ask yourself if you ever search this on Google.

I know I did that one too many to be honest.When it comes to building blog traffic, the biggest question is not how but why. Yes, you hear me right. Why are you not getting enough traffic?

Trust me that once you are able to answer this question, you probably would know how to build more blog traffic back to your site.

The first step for everything doesn’t start with the 3 letter word, SEOInstead, it is all about your site. Your website or blog is your product and if you are not able to impress your readers in under 18 seconds, you can basically kiss your readers goodbye.

18 seconds is roughly the average time that it takes for a reader to decide if your site is worth the read. While I can’t tell you the source of this, but let’s say it is extremely correct from my consultancy work.

When it comes to website development, play attention to a few key points such as:

  • The user interface of your theme (how easy to navigate)
  • Are you sharing too many categories which puzzle the readers?
  • Are you using any Call-To-Actions to further drive your readers to continue reading?

While the above may sound like a nut-job, trust me that your website is going to do wonders once you have everything set out right.

Still dying for more SEO related stuffs? Here are some of the industry experts tips on SEO for 2014.

The moral of the story? Your product (your website) must be tip top. Just don’t be like the other hundreds or thousands of sites out there. Be unique and be bold. Give a reason for visitors to come back for more.

The second part is analytics. Assuming that you have solved the first step and you are ready for the big boys’ game. Frankly speaking, analytics are expensive and heck, I am not talking about Google Analytics (even though it is a good source for free information).

For example, you need to know what is driving readers to your website. It could be in the form of tutorials, reviews, freebies or plain ol’ and simple guides. Once you know what your readers are digging into, ‘bribe’ them with more of these information.

The world of analytics is more than just traffic data. For me, I go to the extreme where I use analytics to track where my readers are clicking, how long they stay on one page and even how many skimmers versus readers who read the whole article.

One of the real examples of analytics is when I changed my theme recently on my personal blog and even ditch the sidebar.

The third part is the wrong and deadly perception. Traffic is not everything. As a matter of fact, traffic is always overstated. Many bloggers think that more traffic would be a stepping stone to more revenue. In some way yes but if you really want to make money, you got to be more than just that.

Here’s an example of my blog. I published around one article per week (some time lesser) have around 8,000 visitors in a month and making close to four figures a month just from that one blog. While 8,000 could be a huge number, a simple calculation would mean an average of 267 visitors in a day. Honestly, it is rather low for a moderately established blog … I would say.

The truth is the word traffic is huge. For once, I don’t target all traffic but instead, the right traffic. Of course, it is a huge mixture of SEO, content writing, authority and huge backlinks. But the moral of the story here is simple. Bloggers are always focusing on building the numbers (traffic) but I know bloggers who have 500 or 1,000 daily traffic and still making peanuts.

You could be studying or lack of time and therefore, make sure you target the right market and traffic. Reaching out to the right people will grow your brand and quality traffic.

4.Enstine Muki : He is running his self named website,EnstineMuki.com. He is a well known face in blogsphere and is also one of the most successful guest blogger.

There are definitely many ways to increase traffic to your blog but I think some are hotter than others. I personally think search engines remain the most important source of targeted traffic to our blogs. I encourage creating search engine friendly content. Your list as a matter of fact is the most stable source of traffic. Each time I mail my list, I’m sure for a rise in traffic. That’s because my subscribers are always eager to come discover the new article on my blog. So if you are not building a list, you are leaving something on the table.

Social media and blogging communities are of course other sources of traffic to your blogs. While posting your articles to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc will often pull some traffic (depending on your follower base), blogging communities like BlogEngage, Klinkk, Kingged, bizsugar and a couple of them remain an undisputable source of blog traffic.

5.Kulwant Nagi : Kulwant is not only the founder of Blogging Cage but is also one of the most successful and passionate online marketer from India.

Be honest and engage more with your readers. A blog is a vehicle to reach out to the people who need help, so help them as much as you can.Try to open more doors by connecting with readers of other blogs and write quality stuff on those blogs to get more attention.

6.Rajesh Namase : Rajesh writes about blogging and SEO and is the proud owner of TechLila which is one of the top blog from India.

Increasing once blog traffic is essential for every blogger or website owner. If you seriously want to increase a blog/website’s traffic then don’t ignore search engines like Google and social media. Quality and resourceful content drives traffic to your blog.

Google+ communities, Facebook groups, Twitter, Stumbleupon etc play an important role to drive traffic to your blogs. Also you can drive traffic to your blog by using YouTube effectively. Apart from these well known tricks, other tricks are improving load time of your blog and blog design. Also, you can build a list so that your visitors will revisit your blog. Blog commenting, guest blogging can also drive traffic to your blog.

7.Ryan Biddulph :  Ryan is founder of Cash With A True Conscience.He is also a world traveller and is one of the best writers in the blogging community.

Promote others aggressively! Some people will promote you in return, increasing your blog traffic. Karma Write 1 to 5 to 10 blog posts daily. Use video posts, hitting key points in 1 minute, to drive blog traffic. Ask for guest posts AND publish only high quality offerings. Let people build your traffic on autopilot, as they reap the benefits of posting on your blog.

8.Nwosu Mavtrevor Desmond : Desmond Mavtrevor Nwosu is a webd desginer,freelance writer and is the the man behind NetMediaBlog.com.

Secondly, search engine optimization is a vital factor to implement in your blog posts, ensure to optimize your post always, obey the SEO rules such as keyword in title, description, image alt tag, content etc.

  • Social media is a perfect platform to promote your blog and drive quality traffic to your blog. Build a social media fan page and build a large fan base, engage actively on social media, join groups with mutual interests and share your blog posts on the social media platforms. Join as many platforms as you can handle, I personally use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest etc.
  • Content Curation is yet another way I drive quality traffic to my blog. I search around the internet and curate high quality contents similar to my blog posts alongside my blog posts and that way I share good contents and attract people to visit my blog. I use Scoop.it and other great Curation sites.
  • Social bookmarking is yet another way you can drive good traffic to your blog. I use sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, BlogEngage, Kingged.com, Klinkk, BizSugar etc. I submit my blog posts to these sites and watch people pour in from them to my site daily.
  • Guest Posting is yet another way to expose your blog to a wider audience and thus generate great traffic from it. Engage in guest posts on sites with high ranking and good traffic and you will surely have traffic overflow from such sites to yours.
  • Another way I drive huge traffic to my blog is via blog commenting. Yes it may look cheap and easy but I tell you that you can build good authority and links through blog commenting. Ensure to leave helpful and quality comments on other’s blogs and people will naturally follow your comments back to your site.
  • I also convert my blog posts to PDF or slideshows and share on document sharing sites likeSlideshare, Scribd, DocStoc etc.
  • Other methods include joining and actively participating in forums using your blog URL as your forum signature.
  • Lastly, you can hold contests or giveaways on your blog. This is a way of creating more exposure for your blog and thus generating high traffic.
  • ou can also run ads on Facebook, Google, StumbleUpon etc if you have some money to spare and you can drive a lot of traffic through these methods I have shared with you.

9.Avi Jit: Avi is a passionate blogger,music addict and poem lover. He is very active in Tribber and is the owner of SkyHit Blog.

I’m not much interested in huge traffic to my blog but what I want is quality traffic. Now, what is quality traffic? If my blog is being visited by certain visitors who cares what I write, appreciate my work and spreads a word about it then I think it’s the best what I can get. And that’s what I can quality traffic. Actually huge amount of traffic will not take us anywhere but quality traffic will. If you’re able to create engaging content which can grab reader’s attention, then you’re sure to get traffic. To get traffic you must be able to know what readers want and provide them with what that.

Some important points to remember:

  • Always write helpful posts.
  • Be active on social media.
  • Engage with more people.
  • Create some awesome connections.
  • Write guest posts on some of the top blogs.

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