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List of high PR infographic submission websites

Infographics is a great way of visually understanding any topic instead of reading all the post. Its is a great way  to provide a complete experience to a person about your topic. So, here in this post I have gathered list of high PR infographic submission websites, where you can submit your infographics for free and provide a great exposure to your infographics.

You can create lots of backlinks to your websites by submitting your infographics to these websites. The main purpose of submitting the infographic to these websites is that it provides exposure to your infographic, due to which it can reach people who want to publish your infogarphic on their websites.

This list of all infographic submission websites provided here are high pagerank and helps in building quality backlinks to your website.


List of high PR infografic submission websites

Here is the list of infographic submission websites:

1. flickr

2. visual

3. Infographicreviews

4. Bestinfographics

5. Reddit.com

6. Brandlessblog.com

7. Chartporn.org

8. Cooldailyinfographics.com

9. Iheartinfographics.tumblr.com

10. Infographicfile

10. Aniartdesign.com

11. Infographicland

12. Infographr

13. Coolinfographics.com

14. Dailyinfographic.com

15. Designyoutrust.com

16. Good.is/infographics

17. Ilovecharts.tumblr.com

18. Mashable.com

19. Visualising.org

20. Artsdigitalera.com

21. Business2community.com

22. Easel.ly

23. Omginfographics.com

24. Onlyinfographic.com

25. Infographicsarchive.com

26. Infographic-directory.com

27. Infographicsite.com

28. Loveinfographics.com

29. Newsilike.in

30. Pdviz.com

31. Nerdgraph.com

32. Newsfix.co.uk

33. Styleandflow.com

34. Submitinfographics.com

35. Cloudinfographics.com

36. Infographicsaplenty.com

37. Infographicsbin.tumblr.com

38. Infographicsking.com

39. Infographicsonly.com

40. Mediacaffeine.com

41. Infographicpond.com

42. Infographicscentral.com

43. Infographicjournal.com

44. Theinfographics.blogspot.in

45. Dailystatistic.com

46. Datavisualization.ch

47. Epicinfographic.com

48. Infographicas.com

49. Infographicsonline.net

50. Infographicsshowcase.com

51. Moneyinfographics.com

Here is the list of 51 high pagerank and great websites for submitting your infographic. So, now just get started with the list and join this other method of building links to your website.

Importance of Infographics

Infographic play a significant role in providing an easy way of understanding of any concept. You can use the infographic to provide information about your company to the visitors.

In fewer words you can make your visitors learn more. So, there are many reasons for which you must try out making some infographic for your website, for explaining your concept.

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