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Tips to Optimize Facebook Fan page : FB optimization

facebook21Facebook fan Pages are very essential for promoting your blog, business online. As Facebook has a great popularity online so its easy to rank your page higher in the search results. It’s a great medium via which you can increase your business sales, website popularity online.

For bringing more sales and traffic from your Facebook Fan Page it’s very essential to optimize Facebook fan page, so as to bring more likes and followers to your page. Here are some essential tips to optimize Facebook Fan Page.

Tips to Optimize Facebook Fan page

1. Choose best Name for Facebook Fan Page

It’s the most basic step for starting a Facebook Fan Page, choosing a perfect name for your page. The name must describe the business or must be after the business name.

Don’t try to add to many keywords with your Facebook fan page name, for example: “All Blogging Way’s | SEO tips, blogging tips, earn money online”,  such a long name can hurt the optimization of your page. At the same time, don’t be too general in keeping the name, for example: traveling, blogging, earning methods, Sports etc. As this will not provide a complete description about your business.

According to Google, the most preference is given to the first name of your page. So, keep it attractive and optimized.

2. Content updating Daily

Regularity in publishing the content to your Facebook Fan page is very essential, this helps in increasing the chance of sharing of your content online and likes to it. Also the content you share must be quality content, means it must be helpful for the people who have liked your page and who open your link.

3. Optimized Fan Page Custom URL

After 25 or above likes Facebook provides you with option of customizing the page URL. The URL of your Facebook Page must reflect your business services or importance. If the URL you wish to use which is similar to your business name has already been issued to someone else, then add keywords related to your business in the Facebook Page.

4. Keyword Optimization for Facebook Page

As On-Page optimization is important for websites similarly there are few on-page keyword optimization for Facebook page. To optimize your page, you must follow below given steps:

  • For better Local Business, include address, pin code, contact number on your page.
  • Provide a compelling and complete overview about your company.
  • Provide the missions of your companies and also the products that your company sell.
  • Keep the description of your page up to 160 words and it must contain the keywords related to your business.

5. Provide backlinks to Page

Provide a backlink to your Facebook page from your website and other channels like YouTube etc. This will help in increasing your page popularity in small time. More the number of links to your page, better is it for search engines like Google.

6. Optimize the Content

When you post something on your page, the content that it contains is considered as the meta description by the search engines. The first 150-160 words are essential from search engine point of view. So, try too add more keywords related to the link on this space.

These are all the tips to optimize Facebook fan page, so as to increase the sales through your page and give a boost to your business.

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